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The Solitude of the Mind Reader (2010)

Ever since he was born, Neri can hear everything.  He also hears things that are not said aloud;  things a person does not even reveal to himself. Neri was born with the terrible and wonderful capability of reading minds.

"I know more than anyone else," said Neri "I know so much and I really don't want to know,  and whoever said that knowledge is power, I have an argument with him".

Very quickly Neri discovers that he stands alone against the world.  He is exposed to his mother's thoughts of another man, discovers that his father has a broken heart, and knows that his sister is loved more than he is.

When one of his schoolmates is accused of murder, Neri goes to the courthouse to see for himself what a murderer looks like.  A chance encounter with a lawyer causes him to reveal his extraordinary capabilities, and Neri becomes his secret weapon bringing about the acquittal of his innocent clients.  But suddenly everything turns upside down; Neri is marked as the main suspect in a case of serial murders. In prison, he meets the only woman in the world who can stand him opposite a mirror and get to know himself.  Together they fight a crucial fateful battle to prove Neri's innocence.

'The Solitude of the Mind Reader' is Dalit Orbach's fourth book which turned into a best seller.  This book follows three of her previous books 'Confetti', 'Porcupines' and 'And This is the End'.

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