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One Heck of a Story (2014)

This is a story of a successful architect who builds homes but destroys families,  and a Hair Stylist with shaky roots and a hunger for a new life. On the face of it - two absolutely different stories; one takes place in Israel and the other in Bogota, Columbia.  But slowly the threads of the story intertwine and twist into one another until their internal pillars collapse in a dramatic and unexpected finale. 

This is a story about a fate known in advance (or not)  and about manliness trying to save its honor from the threatening past but falling into the sinful trap of arrogance.

One Heck of a Story is a suspense novel with a beat, colorful and with great imagination, slamming hard in our ability of choice on the dividing line on a fast road.

Dalit Orbach has already won her place as an original writer, brilliant and fascinating.

This is her sixth book following 'Confetti', 'Porcupines', 'This is the End', 'The Solitude of the Mind Reader' and 'Too Much Nina'.

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