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Too Much Nina (2011)

"Its not because I am big, but because life is small" explains Nina about her overpowering nature. But she knows that to live with her is like living in a Luna Park with no exit gate.

When Nina was a little over 40 years old, she met for the first time her twin sister who was separated from her at birth.  The meeting between the identical twins, so different from one another, forces them to face each other's shortcomings and awakes a hunger to devour that other half of the world that was denied to them.   They decide to switch places in everything and everywhere, with their partners,  extended family, their different careers, and friends,  a crazy act that shakes all the lives of those around them and shatters the masks that with the years have become an integral part of their personality.

Too Much Nina is a fascinating novel, witty and surprising of fates decided in advance, on the overwhelming efforts to control the wheel of life and longing to choose another life from that which they have.   This is a story of various, repressed desires, the natural yearning to unite the broken pieces, and the experience "to get out of this life alive", as Nina says.


This is the fifth book of Dalit Orbach, copywriter, screenwriter, and authoress coming after the books: 'Confetti', 'Porcupines', 'And this is the End', 'The solitude of the Mind Reader'.

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