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And this is the End (2007)

Kamila dies....and after half an hour she comes back to life and continues living her life.  But as the world continues to go forward, as usual,  Kamila's life goes in the opposite direction.

To her astonishment, she is becoming younger from day today.  The world she left as an old woman is developing, changing, and getting older opposite her eyes,  and she sees her body become straighter, her limbs more flexible and her skin become tighter.  Her body is going backward into better days, but the soul...what happens to her soul.

Everyone wants to stretch out their life in full to the edge.  But where is this edge?  and what is behind it?  If we could live our lives from the end to the beginning, if we could embrace what has happened to us

and who we were?  would we be denying ourselves, trying to change.   Maybe one cannot correct what has been done long ago.


Dalit Orbach is also the authoress of the books Confetti and Porcupines which were best sellers and acclaimed by the book critics.

Ran Ben-Nun, Yedioth Acharonoth:  "This is a sophisticated and complicated book that one peels slowly, with great pleasure.

Inbal Presser,  First Source: Orbach plays (with images) like a juggler in a circus of words. The book is intriguing and surprising."

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