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Porcupines (2005)

Welcome to the unusual inner world of usual people. From the outside one sees nothing,  but one day an accidental quill will escape,  and then everyone will discover that they are Porcupines. That their quills stab into their souls. Like Sylvie, who created an imaginary world with a husband and love,  and she pulled out the quill with a tweezer, or like Nachum who discovered that what you don't know does hurt; or Ruthi – a bourgeois dentist who awoke one day with a gaping mouth opposite an upside-down world; and David – in advertising, who cannot succeed in 'doing it' with anyone after that trauma; and also

Itamar – is an especially clever boy who sees things no one else does.

There are no grey people. 

There are only grey stares on colorful people and it is worthwhile to reach them, as thus we shall be able to reach ourselves. Dalit Orbach unfolds in this novel an enormous fan of marvelous people with complicated psychological and fictional problems, at a dizzying pace, with sharp-tongued images that will not stop surprising you. This book is a real celebration.

This is Dalit Orbach's second novel.  The first one Confetti published by Zamora Bitan in 2002, won outstanding praise.

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