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Confetti (2002)

When a young Tel Aviv beauty, a little neurotic, one day discovers that strange and strong urges force her to do unexplainable illogical things,  she decides to start therapy with a Physiatrist. But what seems to be the edge of the problem turns into a complicated whirlwind of an imaginary reality, unexpected meetings, mental sickness, and even love that does not belong to anyone.

"I decided on a small black dress.  I went to the cupboard and then, I saw through the hangers, saw the demon, that authoress. She forced me to wear the skirt which I hate the most and a top that doesn't suit me at all.  I tried to fight her, and tell her I am not afraid of her. Finally, I had no choice.  I took the skirt and the top put them on and stood in front of the mirror as if I was pleased with myself.  Then I quickly ran into the bathroom, opened the shower at full speed and became drenched.....the authoress retreated.


Dalit Orbach, for whom 'Confetti' is her first novel, took upon herself a cultural mission of the first degree.  With her amusing and captivating words, she creates an intellectual exercise that fascinates the reader into the dizzying, attractive, and frustrating life of the heroine, which by the way forces him to answer all the sharp questions regarding the sanity of the world,  the futility of the media,  literature, and reality, and who in the hell

rules out lives. Confetti is no doubt one of the most original and delightful books written in Hebrew in recent times.

Dalit Orbach, a Copywriter, was born in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, where she now lives with her family.

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